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Take the snoozing out of schmoozing

From trade shows to weddings, Gabwise ensures that you cross paths with the people that matter to you at any event. Pinpoint exactly who and what you need with recommendations tailored specifically to your interests.

While you're focusing on the big picture, Gabwise finds you the right people

Receive quality recommendations

Gabwise does all the thinking in the background and tailors recommendations based on your profile and event-specific interests.

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You came here for a reason. Gabwise lets you search for what you need or create a post to start a conversation with like-minded attendees.

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Talk back to Gabwise and refine your recommendations with a thumbs up. Gabwise becomes a more powerful tool the more you use it.

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Fortunes are made by being in the right place at the right time. Start the conversations that make your event experience worthwhile.